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WordPress Plugins vs. Stand Alone Scripts

The WordPress equivalent to apps is plugins. Just like there is always an app for whatever you want to do there is always a plugin available for whatever you want to do for WordPress. However, there are plenty of times when a plugin may not the best option to accomplish something. One of the most […]

The Goldilocks SEO Approach

Great message from The message is simple, you can do too much or you can do too little but doing just the right amount is what is going to make your page profitable.

What is Guest Blogging?

You may have heard the term thrown around often lately but you still may not be sure what people are talking about.  Guest blogging is a new trend where people write articles for other people’s blogs.  This is a win/win situation for both blog owners and content writers because they both get something out of […]

How I Google Slapped Myself!

So there sure has been a lot of talk this week about Google slaps and the changes they made in regards to “content farms.” I thought I would share with you guys how I managed to kill one of my highest rated pages on my blogs today by just not thinking through my actions before […]

What if your Site was DDOS today? Do You Have a Plan?

With all the talk in the news lately about DDOS and other various attacks on companies and websites most website owners have likely given thought to what if this happened to me. What would I do? Is there anything I can do ahead of time? So we went to an expert to find out the […]

My 5 Favorite WordPress Plugins for Small Business

My main business is wordpress blog design and internet marketing. I also create and run a ton of other various blogs including this one. So needless to say I work with wordpress a lot both designing for myself and my small business clients. Over time I have gathered a group of plugins that I can’t […]

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My name is Suzanne Murphy and I love internet marketing! I have an extensive background in both offline and online marketing. In the real world I have worked at a major market television station, a radio production company and a national magazine.

This blog is meant to be a place I will try to keep up with writing about current advertising options, internet marketing and probably a fair amount of internet culture just because I find it interesting!