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It’s Your Fault You Got Hacked

Hacking of facebook accounts, twitter accounts, email and more has become rampant on the internet.  If you spend enough time on social media sites you will see at least a few spammy posts a day that you know are not being posted by that person but instead by some malicious app.  Once the person gets […]

Push Button Marketing

So you want to buy a program, push a button and become an internet rock star, right?  Don’t we all!  The reality is though most of the people pushing you the idea that once you buy their program and just run it your sales will shoot through the roof are selling you a whole bunch […]

Protect Yourself from Phishing Attempts on Twitter and Facebook

I have seen so many instances lately of facebook statuses or emails from people that are  obviously not generated by them but instead by someone who phished their account. Phishing  is certainly nothing new but phishers are becoming more creative and there is starting to be a  surge of people falling for these type of […]

How to Advertise on Facebook

This is a quick tutorial that I created that shows you how to advertise on Facebook. It shows you how to set up your ad, explanation of the different demographic filters available and information on the two different cost models available to advertise on Facebook. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a […]

Facebook Friday Funny

I was logged into facebook today and got these two ads on top of each other….it’s like facebook is asking me do you want to lose weight….oh no wait you really want a cheeseburger!  Choices choices.

Facebook New Design is Much Better

So today I opened my facebook page to find there is a new re-design and I have to say I think they did a really good job!  I think they finally grasped a real understanding of how their users use their site and found ways to make it easier to keep us all organized.

How to Protect Yourself on Facebook

Facebook has become a part of many of our everyday lives.  We use it to keep up with old and new friends and as a result we share a lot of personal information as well as pictures and videos we might not want the world to see.  Facebook if used correctly is a great way […]

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