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The Goldilocks SEO Approach

Great message from The message is simple, you can do too much or you can do too little but doing just the right amount is what is going to

Push Button Marketing

So you want to buy a program, push a button and become an internet rock star, right?  Don’t we all!  The reality is though most of the people pushing you

How I Google Slapped Myself!

So there sure has been a lot of talk this week about Google slaps and the changes they made in regards to “content farms.” I thought I would share with

Stupidly Simple SEO Review

On any given day I get 20-30 emails from someone telling me they have the new latest and  greatest system that will make me tons of money. Everything from make

Ebay Classifieds Test Case

Yesterday a friend of mine skyped me to ask me if I had seen the new ebay classified site. I hadn’t and and was immersed in something else so I