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WordPress Plugins vs. Stand Alone Scripts

The WordPress equivalent to apps is plugins. Just like there is always an app for whatever you want to do there is always a plugin available for whatever you want to do for WordPress. However, there are plenty of times when a plugin may not the best option to accomplish something. One of the most […]

The Goldilocks SEO Approach

Great message from The message is simple, you can do too much or you can do too little but doing just the right amount is what is going to make your page profitable.

Push Button Marketing

So you want to buy a program, push a button and become an internet rock star, right?  Don’t we all!  The reality is though most of the people pushing you the idea that once you buy their program and just run it your sales will shoot through the roof are selling you a whole bunch […]

How I Google Slapped Myself!

So there sure has been a lot of talk this week about Google slaps and the changes they made in regards to “content farms.” I thought I would share with you guys how I managed to kill one of my highest rated pages on my blogs today by just not thinking through my actions before […]

What if your Site was DDOS today? Do You Have a Plan?

With all the talk in the news lately about DDOS and other various attacks on companies and websites most website owners have likely given thought to what if this happened to me. What would I do? Is there anything I can do ahead of time? So we went to an expert to find out the […]

Advertise on Facebook? Broaden your age range and save money!

I was just in my back office managing some of my facebook ads and something caught my eye that I never saw before. Facebook has a pretty simple yet still effective way for you to get a discount on some of your campaign. Here is the statement from facebook:

Stupidly Simple SEO Review

On any given day I get 20-30 emails from someone telling me they have the new latest and  greatest system that will make me tons of money. Everything from make money at home, auto  this or that, text message advertising and a myriad of other things that honestly I have no  interest in.

Ebay Classifieds Test Case

Yesterday a friend of mine skyped me to ask me if I had seen the new ebay classified site. I hadn’t and and was immersed in something else so I didn’t take the time to google and pretty much moved on with my day. So when I saw an ad for it online this morning […]

Yelp: A Great Place to Promote Your Business Free

Have you heard of Yelp?  If not you should check it out.   It is a user generated site that has reviews and ratings of businesses of all kind.  The most popular Yelp searches are for restaurants and it pretty much owns search for that category.  As with any site that is social and user generated […]

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