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It’s Your Fault You Got Hacked

Hacking of facebook accounts, twitter accounts, email and more has become rampant on the internet.  If you spend enough time on social media sites you will see at least a few spammy posts a day that you know are not being posted by that person but instead by some malicious app.  Once the person gets […]

Bank of America Online Outage

UPDATE 3/1/11 Ever since I wrote this blog post a long time ago everytime Bank of America goes down it gets a ton of pageviews.  So I figured since most of you are coming here seeking information I would share what I know about today’s outage.  3/1/11.  The first reports of Bank of America being […]

What if your Site was DDOS today? Do You Have a Plan?

With all the talk in the news lately about DDOS and other various attacks on companies and websites most website owners have likely given thought to what if this happened to me. What would I do? Is there anything I can do ahead of time? So we went to an expert to find out the […]

The Movie and Music Industry’s War Against their Customers

Voltage Pictures and the movie the “Hurt Locker” have been making headlines this week after a lawsuit was filed against 5,000 John and Jane Doe defendants for illegally downloading the movie. Whenever I see these lawsuits I have to wonder what the point is.  Now I understand that downloading a movie is against the law […]

Why Facebook and Farmville Need to Breakup!

So I will admit I have a small Zynga and Facebook game addiction!  When I want a 5 minute break I love to pop onto my farm or my cafe and just zone for a few.  Now I know for some people this makes no sense but for some 70 million others, you know exactly […]

How to Avoid Your Computer being used in a Cyber Attack

Lately there has been a lot of talk about Cyber Attacks and big companies and government agencies being compromised.  Now Cyber Attacks are nothing new but huge companies such as google being hacked kind of is. To get a better understanding of what is different and why it’s different this blog article does a good […]

Why the Pay Per View News Site Model Won’t Work

Yesterday I read this article about how 90 days after put up a pay wall it had managed to gather a meager 35 subscribers.  And I have to say I wasn’t surprised.  I am sure no one was…I mean how far fetched is the idea that people won’t be that keen on the idea […]

Google Says Don’t Be Evil to China

In a pretty strongly worded blog post today.  Google announced it would be considering pulling out of China.  Google says that mid-December it received a high level attack that was specifically targeted at gmail users.  In digging a little further it seems it was not just gmail users in general it was specifically Chinese human […]

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