About Postsalot

My name is Suzanne Murphy and I love internet marketing!  I have an extensive background in both offline and online marketing.  In the real world I have worked at a major market television station, a radio production company and a national magazine.   I tried various things while I had a job in the real world to try to make money online, nothing really worked so I kept going to work!

The thing I finally realized that changed everything was that my skills were worth more if I sold them myself to companies then if I gave them all to one company a week for a salary.  That was a real turning point for me and from that Postsalot.com was born.  I started it about 15 years ago and have never looked back.

This blog is meant to be a place I will try to keep up with writing about current advertising options, internet marketing and probably a fair amount of internet culture just because I find it interesting!

If you ever have questions or concerns you would like to bring to my attention you can email me at suzanne@postsalot.com

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