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What is Guest Blogging?

You may have heard the term thrown around often lately but you still may not be sure what people are talking about.  Guest blogging is a new trend where people write articles for other people’s blogs.  This is a win/win situation for both blog owners and content writers because they both get something out of it.

Guest Blogging from the Blog Owner Prospective:

As a blog owner you are probably often struggling to keep writing more unique content for your blog.  Allowing a guest blogger to write for your blog injects a new perspective into your blog.  It allows you to get relevant free content for your site without you actually having to write another blog post.  You still control the content because if you feel the writer’s work is not up to par you simply choose not to publish it.

In return for this great free content all you have to do is allow the guest blogger usually an author’s box across the bottom of the post and maybe a link or two in the body.  You can negotiate pretty much any terms the blogger is willing to agree to but you should expect the person writing the piece to get some exposure out of the deal.

Guest Blogging from a Blogger’s Point of View:

If you write content or run a blog the most frustrating part of writing a really great post is if no one sees it or reads it.  If you are just starting out your blog may get little to no traffic but a well placed guest post can change that.  Being a guest blogger allows you the opportunity to put on your expert hat.  It can allow you to get access to a bigger audience for your best blog posts and use them as a lead in to get traffic to your blog or site.

Guest blogging is also great for SEO.  Most guest bloggers are allowed a couple of links either in the author’s box or the body of the post.  This allows you to create incoming anchor text links from a variety of sites.  So writing a guest post only takes up a little bit of your time it is a link that can send you traffic for years to come and help your rankings.

Guest Blogging Sounds Great, How Do I Get Started?

There are different ways to get started with guest blogging but the best and easiest way to get up and running is to join a guest blogging network offered by companies like Linknami.  The Linknami guest blogging community offers a place where blog owners and blog writers can network and find good fits for guest blogging opportunities.

The Linknami guest blog network is completely free to join and participate in.  So what are you waiting for….get some unique content for your blog or find a home for your best blog posts.

Check out the Linknami Guest Blog Network.

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