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Push Button Marketing

So you want to buy a program, push a button and become an internet rock star, right?  Don’t we all!  The reality is though most of the people pushing you the idea that once you buy their program and just run it your sales will shoot through the roof are selling you a whole bunch of nothing.

In my line of business I do web design and internet marketing for small to mid size businesses.  I have been doing it for about 5 years and have a lot of customers I have been working with for a very long time.  As a result of these relationships we have formed and their trust in my judgement they often approach me with various websites and “systems” they are interested in buying and want my opinion on .  More times than not I have burst their rock star bubble sadly.

Now I want to make it clear right now I am not saying automation is bad.  Quite the opposite automation is great however if you are automating a failed or spammy practice you aren’t going to get anywhere.  That means before you buy a program to automate a specific task you have to actually understand what the program is doing and if that tactic is actually good for your marketing.

The reality is a whole lot of people who have never made any real money with internet marketing have decided instead to build tools to sell you and make their money that way.  So  you need to ask yourself a few questions before considering any system.  Does what the person is offering seem realistic?  Does this program automate a proven marketing method?  Do I understand that method well enough to know the difference between something that is going to help and something that can actually cause damage?

I am almost always exclusively leery of people who claim to have made thousands of dollars daily using this system.  There main reason is that I have known enough people through time making serious money on the internet and the reality is they are not going to share their method that is making thousands of dollars a day with  you.  Online saturation is real and once a method is used up it is gone.  A good method will never be shared.  So if they are selling it and actually ever did make money with it they likely aren’t anymore if they instead turned it into a “system.”

So what’s left after you take away all the snake oil salesman promising you big riches once you push their button?  The answer is programs that automate real and proven marketing techniques such as email marketing, backlinking, opt-in list builders, social media managers and the like.  There are tons of legitimate ways to market your business that have long term lasting effects that  you can automate to be more efficient.

The other option if you don’t think you understand a method enough to make a decision on a product is to hire a service provider to help you test the waters with a specific type of marketing.  This will allow you to get out there and try your marketing technique without having to know what the best software is or the required knowledge you need to do something right.

Using twitter followers as an example there are many automation techniques for getting Twitter followers.  However, do you know the ratio of followers/following you need to keep to not get your account banned?  Do you know how to target the exact kind of followers you want?  If you do not know how to do something by hand then you can get into big trouble trying to automate it.

If you are trying it with a company first and seeing success, ask them about their methods.  If someone doesn’t want to give you details about what they are doing with your account, move on.  This will allow you to learn what is happening and what is working which you can then use to learn how to automate the process yourself effectively.

The other reality is that every automation tool requires real work and input from you.  No automation tool is better than the information you put into it.  So for example, if you have a program that creates backlinks for you but you have no idea how to find good sites to put them on for our program to post, you are not going to be successful.  So if you want to be able to automate and scale your traffic with your marketing methods regardless of what a website tells you expect to put in hard work to make it happen.

That’s it for my rant today on automation and “systems”.  I just see so many people getting ripped off everyday online buying theses systems and not getting anything out of it that if I can help someone decide to market their business for the long term instead of hoping for get rich quick ponies….my rant will have been worth it.

To end on a positive note here are a few automation tools I use and believe in.

Instant Sales System – This program is an opt-in list builder on steroids.  It allows to create opt-in forms for all of your websites and maintain lists.  It has both traditional web opt-in forms and floating forms that can include video as well.  It allows for one time mailing, auto responding and even has holiday messages that automatically go out to your list.  I used Constant Contact for years and recently switched to this system and absolutely love everything about it.

Hummingbird – Hummingbird is a program for following and unfollowing people on Twitter.  This tool is great for adding targeted people to your twitter pages but you do need to have an understanding of Twitter’s rules before you use this or you could get your account banned.  There used to be a forum, not sure if there is anymore but that is a great place to learn more about Twitter marketing.

My Backlink Manager – This program allows you to place backlinks on various types of wordpress blogs.  It allows for anchor keyword backlinks and you can rotate URL’s, Keywords and comments with the token system.  The best thing about this tool is that you can add your own lists of the blogs you want to post too which allows you maximum quality.  So you are still finding quality places to put backlinks and just automating the process of doing it.  There also plugins available for specific comment systems such as comment luv and discus.

Hootsuite – This is the only tool listed that is a web app but this is one of the tools I use the most throughout the day.  Hootsuite allows you to post to multiple social media networks at one time.  You can also use it to schedule tweets and status updates but I don’t really use that option because I am more of a spontaneous tweeter and facebooker.  What I love about it is that it allows for the Hootlet tool bar button so wherever I am on the internet when I am seeing something I want to share with my followers I just push the button in my browser and the link is shortened and the tweet/status message created and ready to post without me ever leaving the page.  This allows you to quickly and easily share relevant and interesting content with your followers.

So those are some of my favorites….you will notice none of them promise riches or glamor they just promise to do a job and do it effectively and that is what any good automation tool should do.

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