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Bank of America Online Outage

UPDATE 3/1/11

Ever since I wrote this blog post a long time ago everytime Bank of America goes down it gets a ton of pageviews.  So I figured since most of you are coming here seeking information I would share what I know about today’s outage.  3/1/11.  The first reports of Bank of America being down started to surface last night.  Some people had no access others were just getting really slow response times.

I have yet to be able to sign into my account successfully today but the last time I tried I got this message:

We are currently experiencing problems that may cause Online Banking to operate more slowly than normal, or to otherwise interfere with your Online Banking session.

We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to restore full Online Banking service as quickly as possible.

I have also checked BOA twitter and found pretty much the same, they are aware of the problem and working to fix it as quickly as possible.  They also mentioned that if you have credit or mortgage payments due today you can call 1.800.669.6607 to pay by telephone.

Just as an FYI many people are also seeing problems with ATM’s so plan ahead.

I will keep my eyes peeled and if I see anything else of interest I will update this page.


Today I tried to log into my Bank of America Online Banking Center to find I could not access the site.  At first I assumed the internet was down because certainly Bank of America was not down.  But alas it was.  I waited a few minutes and tried again.  Nothing same error.  So I turned to Twitter.

Many others on Twitter were reporting outages of the online banking center as well as issues with ATM machines either not working at all or not crediting deposits made.  In addition to that there was much news about the Bank of America employee bonuses handed out today.  To be honest this all makes me a little nervous.  I am wondering is Bank of America so inept it can’t keep it’s web server running or is one of the biggest banks in the country being attacked?

Well Bank of America is very active on twitter and tries to deal with customer service issues through it’s @BofA-Help handle so I decided to check there.  Nothing except a page full of the customary “@UNHAPPYCUSTOMER I work for Bank of America. Please let me know if you would like to discuss any account concerns.^nc”  Now maybe Bank of America Tweet staff is unaware but this tool can also be used to convey information and not just try to stop people from bad mouthing your brand.  A simple tweet saying “We know there is a problem we are working to resolve it” would go a long way.

So as of this moment, the site is still not up no one knows if Bank of America is being attacked or have left the building permanently.  And apparently they are in no hurry to tell us.

I will update this post throughout the day if I find more information through Twitter which is the only place there seems to be any information circulating at this time.  I have sent a message directly to Bank of America on Twitter as of yet no response.


Got the following Tweet from BofA_help:  The weird thing is now all the standard replies have changed to this reply…starting to wonder if BofA_help are bots!  (Either way, hope it is resolved quickly)

@postsalot We are aware of the issue and working to have it resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.


Comment #6 may be of help to many of you.  I was able to login it took about  5 minutes for my account data to show up but it did.  And I was able to confirm I do still have a balance at Bank of America 😉

****3:19 CST, site still down.  A blog post with a more technical analysis of what might be going on here.

****8:26 CST site is back up.  Bank of America issued the following statement.

“Bank of America spokesman TJ Crawford said the company had ruled out a cyber attack, but was still trying to identify the cause. “Some customers are having intermittent issues accessing the site,” Crawford said.

Many Bank of America customers were unable to access their accounts online Friday when the bank suffered a major Internet outage. The main web site of the country’s largest bank was only available to about 20 percent of customers in cities across the country as of 5 pm., according to a prominent Internet monitoring firm.”

Hmmm, so since when is 80% of your customers “some customers” 80% seems high to say some I think I would use the word most.  It will be interesting to see the fall out in the next few days twitter, blogs and other places on the net were filled today with people saying they were moving their money to other banks.  I think if Bank of America continues to take the stance that nothing happened and not make some statement more than they have they are going to have a hard time keeping their cusomters willing to trust them enough with their money.

Personally, I have banked with Bank of America for 10 years and even before today lately I have considered moving to a local bank or credit union.  For me at least today’s events have sealed the deal.

We will probably never be told the truth about what happened today but what I think we can be confident about is that whatever it was it wasn’t something simple.  It was not a simple hardware failure I don’t even think it was a simple as a DDOS attack it was something that stopped what is probably a very well staffed and educated IT team dead in their tracks for almost 7 hours.  Bank of America has a big infastructure so to believe they don’t have all the random run of the day issues covered over and over by redudancy would be naive.    So the thing that caused the outage today was something not normal.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who followed my blog during the day it was nice to get so many comments and personal messages from you guys!  I am done with what was the great Bank of America outage of 2010!

25 thoughts on “Bank of America Online Outage”

  1. Kelly says:

    The iPhone app for mobile Bank of America is working. I wonder if it’s possible to access the mobile site via computer without being redirected to the main site?

  2. admin says:

    Yes I have heard this. I was also able to access the other pages on the server but the main page seems to be what you are not able to access. It’s likely their mobile sites are on different servers as well as have a mobile domain. I am just glad someone can see there is still money in their accounts!

  3. Zac says:

    I let the site load for about 5 minutes and was finally able to log on and check my account. Seems like it’s at least partially fixed now.

  4. seth says:

    Thanks for the updates. I too hope that my money is still intact and my pending payments push through. I hope you don’t mind if I also posted your link at Business Insider. For now, you have more insights on this matter and I could assume that a good number of people are looking for answers. Thanks again.

  5. admin says:

    Yes I saw my link there, thank you!

  6. grima says:

    https://sitekey.bankofamerica.com allows me to access my accounts.

  7. Staci says:

    I’ve been trying to get on the site via desktop and BlackBerry with absolutely no luck… I’ve tried to get a bit creative – by attempting to enter the site through different links – with no luck… BOA puts its clients through enough junk already. Do we really deserve for the website to go down on Friday when we’ve all just gotten paid??? Thanks again, always helpful BOA.

  8. poop says:

    just another reason why BOA suck on every level

  9. admin says:

    It took about 5 min for my account information to pull up after I logged in. But it did in fact work, great tip! Thanks!

  10. sky says:

    “I don’t think it would be a good idea to log in right now even if the https is showing up. At least until I’m certain that the site is not being hacked. I’d wait. Unusual delay in information exchange could mean a transaction intercept or a redirect command TO an overloaded server FROM the original server that could usually handle multiple or massive mathematical transactions.”

  11. admin says:

    Your caution may very well be warranted if it is in fact an attack of some kind and not some normal type of failure. Good point, thanks for bringing it up. I will change all my logins once the site is completely live again.

  12. Christiana says:

    Thanks grima! works perfect…

  13. Susan says:

    We Hope It ll b back soon , It Has Been Down

  14. Nancy says:

    With all the money they stole you’d think they could hire better IT people.

    This bank is a joke, you’re an idiot if you still bank here.

  15. Sridhar says:

    Oops.. I have been trying from afternoon.. Now its 5.27Pm. But no luck yet. I talked to BOFA customer care representative. All he said was they are having some technical issues.. 🙁 Dont know when they will solve it.

  16. Lesley says:

    It takes a while to get into the B of A website and then won’t let me access my account. It times out. Just tested it again, and I cannot get in at all.

  17. vicky says:

    I received a call from BOA today (3/1),telling me that my online banking account has been compromised. From what they said, someone went into my banking account and created a virtual credit card number and spent over $9000 last night. Boa also told me that my account has been frozen and will be able to recreat an account for 48 hours.

    I was not able to access my banking account untill I used the link above. I found out that BOA was lying. I was able to use my old pwd just as before, as if nothing has changed. The webpage also showed the record that no one had access my account since the 28th. However, my credit card account was gone, so I was not able to check the virtual credit card number the “thief” created.

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