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Create E-Covers Fast and Easy!

Ever wonder how people make those cool E-book covers or software box images to promote their products? Well the answer used to be by hiring a quality designer who knows how to create 3-D Images. Now the answer is as easy as logging into MyECoverMaker.com.

I recently took a look at this product and I have to say I was very impressed. I was really expecting a product that simply just made the little book looking 3-D image that you see when you are looking at e-book sites. What I found was way more robust. In addition to standard e-book 3-D images you can also make software boxes, CD’s even 3-D I-pad images. So this product can be used to create graphics for many kinds of digital items not just ebooks. Below are a few of the cool template samples available…there are many more to choose from.

MyECoverMaker E Book Designer

Once you pick the template you want to use the next step is choosing a background.  They offer many artistic and professional backgrounds to choose from.  You can use the background exactly as they provide it or you can crop out just a specific section to use.  After you choose your background the next step is designing your e-book cover.

Your 3-D design is presented to you as flat with all the various parts laid out.  So you can see the front of your box/book the top and the sides all in front of you.  They offer a full range of clip art including many of the stock images of men and women that are so popular or you can upload your own images to use in your design.  They also offer several different types of text and placement.  So it’s as easy and click and drag the item where you want it.

Once your image is designed and created you simply hit the finalize button.  You will have one last chance to re-size your image and decide if you want a transparent image.  Once your satisfied you simply hit download and you will receive a high quality image that is ready to be placed on your website, blog or landing pages.

This product is available for $9/month or $90/year on a subscription basis.  When you look at the prices a designer will charge you these types of 3-D marketing pieces and compare it to this service you can pay for a whole year of access for less than one design costs.

To find out more about MyECoverMaker.com please click here.

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