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Advertise on Facebook? Broaden your age range and save money!

I was just in my back office managing some of my facebook ads and something caught my eye that I never saw before. Facebook has a pretty simple yet still effective way for you to get a discount on some of your campaign.

Here is the statement from facebook:

“Broaden your age targeting automatically! You can now get more clicks and impressions outside your target age range, and we’ll make sure you get a good deal! Previously, if you chose to target people aged 24 – 35, your ad would only be shown to people aged precisely 24 – 35. But isn’t someone who’s 36 and is interested in your ad just as valuable as someone who is 35? After extensive testing, we found that by allowing the system to increase delivery of your ads slightly outside your target age range, you can receive additional discounted impressions and clicks that are nearly as valuable as the impressions and clicks within your target age. As a result, you see more value from your ads on Facebook and a better return on your investment. You can update your existing campaigns to broad age match today: Go to the Settings page and click on the “Update” button at the bottom of the page.”

So basically if you let them go outside of your age range by a few years in either direction you will get discounted clicks/impressions. Could result in a quick way to get a little more bang for your buck and a better overall value when you are placing ads on Facebook.

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