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Stupidly Simple SEO Review

On any given day I get 20-30 emails from someone telling me they have the new latest and  greatest system that will make me tons of money. Everything from make money at home, auto  this or that, text message advertising and a myriad of other things that honestly I have no  interest in. But a few months ago a colleague of mine started sending around teasers for his new Stupidly Simple SEO program he was going to release and it intrigued me. Instead of talking about quick money and no work (which I long ago learned doesn’t exist) it talked about creating quality content and using real methods for getting it ranked and by real methods I mean real keyword analysis, making sure you have all your keywords covered etc, not some idea that may work and then will eventually get all your sites unranked by Google.

So the product was launched a month or two ago and I know Phil Henderson, the creator, to be a quality guy who genuinely wants to help people so I signed up for it and never touched it.   Over the last few weeks Phil has been sending emails keeping everyone up to date and has also sent along quite a few testimonials from other people using the system, so finally my curiosity got the best of me.

Last Thursday I started trying out the system, the first day I created 4 different pages the entire process took me a few hours and each one ranked on page one of Google and all in under an hour! I was blown away…and that’s not that easy for me if you ask anyone I know they will tell you I don’t get into systems. I come from an old school media background and believe in very traditional models of advertising so to speak. Ones that require creativity and hard work, but Phil’s system does require those things it just gives you easy step by step instructions and if you follow them you will find that precious pot of gold in the form of getting on the front page of Google.

So for the first time ever I am going to say that I highly recommend a marketing system so check it out by clicking here and I promise you you will be blown away like me and everyone else I know who has tried it.

2 thoughts on “Stupidly Simple SEO Review”

  1. Fred Martin says:

    This post was really helpful to me…I’ve toyed around with the idea of spending some bigger dollars on quote “professional SEO guys”…These guys are not cheap and are not always effective. I’m not a technical person but this sounds like something I might be able to do…Thanks for posting this as I might look into it.
    Frank M.

  2. Daryn says:

    I’ve been playing around with the free version which is very cool but after looking deeper into this I can see this is definitley worth spending 97 bucks! so many so called “Gurus” are overcharging for for information that is just not worth it and also they don’t explain it good enough so anyone can apply it! Thats what I like about Stupidly Simple SEO! Simple enough for anyone to understand!

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