Yelp: A Great Place to Promote Your Business Free

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Have you heard of Yelp?  If not you should check it out.   It is a user generated site that has reviews and ratings of businesses of all kind.  The most popular Yelp searches are for restaurants and it pretty much owns search for that category.  As with any site that is social and user generated you should have a presence what differs between yelp and let’s say twitter is that you may already have a profile and not even know it.

Users can create a profile on any business they want to rate and then add any information they know about the business as well as their review.  So this is a site you really need to make sure you are managing your brand on.  Yelp offers an easy and quick way for owners to “claim” their listings and not only that but they give you tons of free tools to help you better promote your business.

So if you already have a profile you may be missing out on a large group of people that love your business enough to post about it or you may miss an opportunity to deal with a complaint that is posted.  By claiming your Yelp profile it gives you some of the control over the image your company has there.

So head on over to Yelp today and claim your business page.

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