Why Facebook and Farmville Need to Breakup!

So I will admit I have a small Zynga and Facebook game addiction!  When I want a 5 minute break I love to pop onto my farm or my cafe and just zone for a few.  Now I know for some people this makes no sense but for some 70 million others, you know exactly what I am talking about.  So I am sure you are wondering why I think Facebook and Farmville should split, it’s simple….they don’t need each other anymore and each is causing harm to the others brand at the moment.

Facebook in an effort to make it’s systems faster and easier to use has been doing a lot of upgrades lately.  I think overall the changes Facebook made were positive however they have just killed the game applications on their site.

If you play any of these games you have no doubt noticed the last week that the games are SOOOO slow and many people are reporting they won’t even load at all on the various fan pages.  All of the games have a disclaimer that based on the lag with the facebook systems they have turned off the various elements of these time management games such as crops withering or food spoiling to compensate for their users having such a hard time.  While being reactionary to players needs is nice this is certainly not a long term answer because the bigger problem is that these downtime issues are happening far more often and for longer periods of time.

So the reality is Facebook and Zynga have outgrown each other.  Facebook can no longer continue to use its resources wisely for its core product because so much is sucked up by applications and Zynga can no longer continue to offer its very large user base sub standard game play or it risks losing its audience.  While Facebook and Farmville were an amazing combination that boosted each companies popularity beyond anything they could have imagined the truth is each has out grown each other and it’s time for Zynga to move out and get its own place!

Let me just take a minute to explain why this is a win/win for both companies.

For Facebook they get so many resources back that will give their users a better experience and be able to keep up with their massive growth.

For Zynga it means taking back control of it’s applications and being able to give it’s user the best experience not to mention I would imagine a HUGE revenue boost since it would also have its own ad space as well as be able to market to its customers as it sees fit not whatever Facebook decides is the rule of  the week.

I would also like to mention that I think these are both really great and innovative companies and neither one has done anything “wrong” to create this problem in fact it’s just the opposite they both did so much right which led to their current inability to keep up.  So I hope they both come to the table shake hands thank each other for what each did for their own companies and break up to bring each audience a better user experience otherwise they both run the risk of their brand being tarnished if things are kept the way they are.

If you agree, post a comment…even if you don’t agree post a comment!  But I would love to hear more about other people’s experiences using these games recently.

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