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Facebook New Design is Much Better

So today I opened my facebook page to find there is a new re-design and I have to say I think they did a really good job!  I think they finally grasped a real understanding of how their users use their site and found ways to make it easier to keep us all organized.

The two biggest changes Facebook made were these.

1) Live Feed is only 1 click away!

The live feed consists of everything that is happening in your network including status updates, page updates, photos, links, application feeds and pretty much any other piece of content Facebook creates is here.  Prior to the site re-design you had to click on “News Feed” on the left hand menu and then had to click on view live feed.  Now you simply click on “Most Recent” across the top and WALA you have your live feed.  It may seem like a small thing but for people who look for this live feed several times a day it’s way more convenient.

2) Finally logical group bookmarking!

In the past if you had room for exactly 5 bookmarks on the side and 3 were taken by facebook.  So if you played multiple games or had a lot of apps you frequented a lot there was really no easy way to get to them quickly.  Now facebook has grouped them into nice little packages such as Groups, Games, Applications, Causes so when you want to find something related to on of these things it’s right there at your fingertips.  This is a major and big change for Facebook and probably the thing their users complained about most.  So kudos for listening and making it easier for us to get to the content we want quickly.

In addition to these two major changes there were also a few other features added including a list of online friends in the right column so you can quickly see who is online without opening your chat function.  The notification icons have changed you now find your notifications on the top bar with the little globe icon which before was a little box in the bottom left corner.  You can find a map of all the changes made here along with a more detailed description of each change.

For any of you confused about the new page I hope this helps you navigate it a little bit.  I think many of us are going to find this page provides a much better facebook experience.

Do you like the new design?  Let us know your thoughts.

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