WordPress Plugins vs. Stand Alone Scripts

The WordPress equivalent to apps is plugins. Just like there is always an app for whatever you want to do there is always a plugin available for whatever you want to do for WordPress. However, there are plenty of times when a plugin may not the best option to accomplish something. One of the most […]

The Goldilocks SEO Approach

Great message from SEOBook.com. The message is simple, you can do too much or you can do too little but doing just the right amount is what is going to make your page profitable.

It’s Your Fault You Got Hacked

Hacking of facebook accounts, twitter accounts, email and more has become rampant on the internet.  If you spend enough time on social media sites you will see at least a few spammy posts a day that you know are not being posted by that person but instead by some malicious app.  Once the person gets […]